peachy for you only

concept: it’s 7pm and the sun is setting. You are wearing your peachy pink turtleneck and I am wearing my baby blue sweatshirt. We are walking home from the bus stop. Comfortable silences. Daydreaming. My soul is calm and at peace. You stop walking to take photos of the sky. It is beautiful. And so are you.

concept: it’s pancake saturday. We eat our banana pancakes with lots and lots of berries on the side (don’t forget whipped cream!!!). Sitting at the balcony with blankets and pillows, watching our favourite tv show. The temperature is dropping but my heart is warm. Ninety-five percent of our conversation is filled with laughter. Inside jokes. We are soul sisters.

concept: you and me watching Stranger Things at your place. Sunday afternoon. Drinking bubble tea. My mind is focused on the screen and nothing else. It’s warm (because we live in a tropical country and you have no air conditioner in your room!!) and cozy. I feel safe and relaxed. Our love is platonic.

concept: we are finally reunited. HUGSICLES. You and i, walking around The Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York City. You get your film camera out and take aesthetic photos of me. My favourite photographer. Endless inspiring stories. You are happy and your life is going as planned. Mine too. Life is great. Love you to death.

concept: We talk about our future life plan in Los Angeles while eating deep fried ice cream. 2pm at your place. Your grandma talks to me in Chinese. I do not understand a word but I love her. You are taking me to my favourite dinner place even though you say the food there is gross. Our friendship is at level infinity.


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