cotton candy sky

7.45pm. We are sitting on a picnic blanket at a beach. Watching the sunset. Sipping bottled rose milk tea that we picked up from an asian supermarket. Our tummies are full of crackers and cheese.

It’s that oversized hoodie and sweat-shorts kinda weather. You look hella fine in your pastel pink t-shirt and hella cozy in your grey sweatpants. sleepy eyes, messy hair. soft R&B music playing in the background. you are telling me funny stories from your family christmas trip, visiting your grandparents. I tell you about my family overseas holiday, the first time I had a winter christmas.

we couldn’t stop smiling. us, a work in progress, realising how much we have grown together. the sky is slowly turning from a hot pink to a dark purple. you put your arm around me and kiss me on the forehead. my life is still a mess but I am so much happier now.


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